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By Laws and Decisions

By Laws and Decisions of the Expended board meeting

(attended by all ACS officials)

June 27, 2014, Osaka


By Laws (items 3,4,6) and decisions about the election of ACS 

1.      Next election should be held during the Hong Kong ACS Conference in 2015. Preparation for the election shall start six months before the conference.

2.      To ensure continuous growth of ACS and consistent with the ACS constitution, the newly elected President shall appoint a general secretary and other ACS secretaries. The president shall nominate a treasurer, who shall be approved by election. The president is personally responsible for the growth of ACS during his/her term.

3.      To ensure widened representation, the board decided that the president should be elected from a different country or region (in the case of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau as four different regions) every three years.

4.      To ensure smooth transition and stability of the new leadership group, the Past President should be nominated as the candidate for the position of Chairman of the General Assembly, and approved by election.

5.      The candidates for President should prepare statements explaining what will be accomplished in the new term. The statement should include the strengths, the resources and experience of the team they could bring to the challenge. It would include a plan for building the membership of the society and taking it to a new levelThe Statements of all candidates will be made publicly available to all members of ACS. A minimum requirement for the new President is to be personally responsible for setting up three new future conferences beyond the one that has already been set up by the previous presidents.

6.      ACS officials should be elected from current ACS members. And the new president should be elected from the ACS non-student life-member.

7.      If elected in Hong Kong in 2015, new leader would take office from January 1st 2016 for following three years.


Other issues:

8.      Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol of Thailand will be invited to be a patron of ACS.

9.      The board voted to award the title of “the Honorary Chairman of General Assembly of ACS” to John Braithwaite, to award the title of “the Honorary President of ACS” to Jianhong Liu, and to award the title of “the Honorary Chairman of Supervisory Board of ACS” to Charles Hou. The award ceremony will be held during 2015 ACS conference in Hong Kong and the honorary tiles will be effective since January, 2016.

10.  The board voted to award a title of Senior counsellor to Professor Ichiro Tanioka (President of Osaka University of Commerce); and to award the title of counsellor to Chris Eskridge (Executive Director of American Society of Criminology). President Liu issued certificates to the two outstanding contributors after the board meeting.

11.  The board voted to establish the ACS’s Outstanding Paper Award:

a. A three-member Outstanding Paper Award committee will be set up after the board meeting.

b. The article must be published in Asian Journal of Criminology(AJOC)

c. The Springer will award 1,000 USD to the winner every year

d. The outcomes should be decided by AJOC editorial board.

e. Details about the award committee and other relevant business will be discussed after the Osaka conference